FS: GCN Component Cables, PSO Ep. I & II, Ninty Wi-fi USB, etc


I have Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II for Gamecube, 1st party official Gamecube component cables, the Nintendo Wi-fi USB connector (for Wii and DS), and Eternal Sonata for 360 and Viva Pinata Limited Edition for 360.

I want: Paypal.

Gamecube cables - $50
Pelican adapter - SOLD
Phantasy Star - $50
Wi-fi connector - $30
Eternal Sonata - $30
Viva Pinata LE - $15

Pictures coming soon.


Good look with the trades nyprimus4!

Bump for a good dude…


how much for the pelican?


my bad i thought it was for sale :xeye:




Updated everything is for sale, for paypal now.


Prices aren’t firm, make an offer.


Pelican adapter is sold.