FS: GET! (Namco stick w/ box, 1x astro city panel left, and MORE!)

hey everyone, its that time … the time where the bills just keep stacking and gotta do whatever it takes to make 'em go away… even if it means selling my personal fave things :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:




Local pickup PREFERRED!**

PM me for paypal info or if you have any questions…

**-quick note-
Right now i am on a very hard work schedule, i work about 60+ hours a week, but i will do my damnest to get things done ASAP for you guys. Please be patient and considerate, and i’ll take care of it all. **:china:


  • just came back from vacation and need to regain some money for me pockets :sweat:

Everything below is sold as is:


  • 1 x Astro City control panel (just the metal sheet, no parts): **$65 + shipping **


  • 1 x Official Namco stick w/ Sould Edge boxing, it’s in GREAT condition and used for a few matches in tekken tag.

pic will be up soon, but looks great and near mint condition ** $80 +shipping**



  • 1 x Tekken 6 Collector’s Edition Wireless Stick, Artwork book, and Box (near mint condition, includes batteries):$70 shipped


  • 1 x Used Tekken 5 collector’s stick: **$40 +shipping **
    note: the L1 button is sticky and the select button doesn’t work



Used … **$10 each + shipping ($35 for all four + shipping ps2 games ON HOLD for Meus)

  • Card Fighters DS / Street Fighter Alpha Anthology/ Capcom Fighting Evolution / Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2



Used …



  • Beatmania pad: $40 + shipping
  • 6th style: $35 + shipping
  • 10th style: $45 + shipping
  • Red: $65 + shipping

Strategy books/magazines and other Random stuff

  • GGXX:Accent Core Arcadia Extra Vol. 41, GGXX:Slash Arcadia Extra Vol. 26, Tekken 6 Enterbrain Mook Arcadia Extra Vol. 58 (comes with special DVD’s), Capcom vs SNK 2 Official Guidebook:

If interested in buying, send a pm with the title “Books”


  • NEW Street Fighter Eternal Challenge Japanese Artbook: $45 shipped



  • NEW Official Super Battle Opera '07 Towel: **$45 shipped **



again, my work schedule is quite hectic so please bare with me in the transactions.

ALSO, if you guys want to play the OBO card, then we’ll see; just send a friendly pm!

Thanks for lookin!


Good stuff gavo… buy with confidence from this guy!

damn that twin stick got picked up quick! :frowning:

will leave feedback :slight_smile:

Gavin I’ll take the HRAP 2 off of your hands.

The only problem you might have with it is that I’m going to use it to play Melty Blood. :V

ibeatu i want to strangle you -_-

picked this up locally like 3 weeks ago :slight_smile:

lucky lucky

Lol. Good sh*t ibeatu!!!

scooped that hrap 3 for a $100 bucks good deal

good condition
would buy from him again

Which HRAP2 are you claiming?

Also does that gutted HRAP3 with the PSX PCB work with PS2 games?

price change…

price change on the iTouch

and yes, it works with the ps2.

also, fyi the pcb works with the Pelican ps2 > ps3 converter perfect too.

Interested in the beatmania pad. Pmed.

Where in New England are you? Interested in HRAP with psx pcb and gutted T5.

I met him at the Warwick mall in rhode island if that helps you

this is great gav. i’ll probably take one (or more) of those games. i’ll let you know shortly.

buy with confidence guys!

thank you everyone for all the support, imma get to your pm’s right now. :china:

Will - i live in Providence RI, and i could meet you at the mall if u wanna save off on the shipping (id prefer that, cuz less trips to the post office/ups store. :sweat:


sold thus far:

  • 1x togeki shirt = ironzen
  • 1x hrap2 with dark blue/white buttons = Dipstick
  • 1x agetec gutted = vietexan
  • 1x twin stick = ibeatu
  • 1x hrap3 = RushedDown

on hold OR interested in:

  • 1x fighting game (?)= WeakSauce
  • 1x beatmania pad = kt6192003
  • 1x hrap2 SA, 1x hrap3 = lol im bad
  • 1x hrap3, 1x tekken stick = krazied240
  • 1x agetec gutted, 1x gutted t5 stick, and 4x ps2 games (?) = meus
  • 1x hrap3 with psx pcb, 1x t5 stick gutted = the Realyst

sup with the SA? who’s “lol im bad?” what a gay name.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT:mad: You mean to tell me your ass lives IN PROV? Yo how much do you want for all of the books?Hold em all for me

its still available atm, heard you like to play VF from wilson the thrilson. Let me know man if youre still interested. :tup:

for you joey, $50 for all 4 strat books, or $80 for all books (including the artbook)