FS: Gold 17" oem Honda Si Wheels

up for sale are my si wheels painted sunburst gold. i was going to put these on but decided to go a different direction. im letting these go for $400 obo. if you want no centercaps ill take 350. prices are not solid and i am open to offers. id prefer local but if you want it shipped you pay for shipping. trades also welcome if you offer nice things:tup:

Have you try them for Sale on 8thcivic?
You are Member there?

I have Si also.
Taffeta White FA5.

yea i dont have enough posts there to make a FS thread. i have white EX wheels with red H’s already and i was going to use this as a summer set and changed my mind. also wanted money for more stick stuff =D

not member long enought and craigslist that bitch

He’s been here long enough.

its been on craigslist.