FS: Gucci Leather/ Games/ Sticks/ Parts/ CDs

there ya go, pics up

what price did you have in mind.

$400 cash, and if you bring it, I pay $50 in gas


maybe youd try ebay.


you can do “buy it now” for 1,100.00 and my cab is in better shape than that.

odas: if they are still on eBay like that with that price, it’s so not worth it. And I hate to say it, but neither is a 19 inch SFII CE with burn in and missing control panel.

Since you showed me a KI II machine, here’s that SAME machine relisted that NO ONE bid on at $750.


I do a lot of game buying from auctions and Namco so I’ll just get more machines that way.

$600 and keep in mind how close this machine is to you, you will save alot on shipping considering most ki machines come from west coast

im sure you can haggle with the best of em but im not interested in going below $600

odas: I get a significant discount on shipping when I do 2 for 1, and I go to auctions and pick up cabinets. $600 is a bit much unless that machine is perfect. It’s a bit dirty I can see, and I have not even seen it on yet.

the machine is as close to perfect as you can find, its not like its OMFG DIRTY!!! its got a like layer of dust on it from sitting which i wiped off yesterday, and the flash on the camera exagerated it really badly.

if you want to see a pic of it on thats fine, ill get one today.

and forgot to mention, all the switches are BRAND NEW and havent been used, except once to test.

I am interested, but I want to see that thing on and stuff.

What kind of trades are you interested in for the peli? Stick parts? pad pcb’s? Games?

pelican might already be sold, had a buddy call me about it today

pelican pending for about 1-2 days.

ill let everyone know.

sorry couldnt get pics of the KI today, was pretty busy and had to go check out some cabs on other side of town.

check early tomorrow dream

X-MEN COTA B Board now for sale. (US)

50 shipped

SF2 cab just decked out with some brand new buttons/sticks.

they are happ knockoffs, black buttons, red bat top sticks with black shafts.

pics soon.

price still the same.

Converter SOLD

multi-tap is now for sale.

bump price drop

grab that sf2 cab quick before i goes to some scrub on ebay.

HAPP modded MAS stick for sale

T5 stick for sale

custom pelican layout stick box, AKUMA KANJI for sale

pics coming soon

stuff added

I still want that KI cab, but I need to see pics of it working among other things

ya i need an extension cord to plug it in, the cord doesnt reach long enough to get to the socket, and i dont wanna move it. ill get them tonight.

ki screen pics, i got it showing off different colors, 25 inch, pefect picture. i dont have to tell you the lines on the screen arent there in person, its from the camera/screen differing in frequencys, but just in case, the lines arent there in person, its the camera.













brand new lock on the coin door, some light dust on it but the shitty flash on the digicam exagerates it very badly, it looks like new in person.

Wait did u already sell the SF2X board?