FS: Guilty Gear X (DC) with guide book & other games and stuff


need to make a bit of cash, selling the following games. all are in mint condition. shipping included. if you don’t agree with the prices, just send me a PM with a different offer.

free items: SOLD
GameBoy (phatboy, original model)
both are “gamers” condition but work fine.
just pay shipping cost.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (Limited Edition) for Xbox 360 on EBAY
starts @ $29
I’ll do free shipping for anyone on SRK. just let me know you are the winning bidder.

Guilty Gear X (no spine card) with Japanese Guide book. $35


domestic DC games $6 (each)
xmen vs. street fighter (disc/manual only, missing back insert. scratch free) SOLD


xbox lot, $10 shipped for the two xbox games. please somebody take them!
[splinter cell games sold]


let me know if you have any questions.


pm’d for xmen vs sf


PM sent




payment sent


dropped some prices.


added BlazBlue (360)
starts @ $29
i’ll do free shipping for anyone on SRK. just let me know you are the winning bidder.


AFAIK the XvsSF that came with the 4mb RAM cart did not originally ship with the back insert.


If that XvsSF is still available I"ll take it.


yeah, it’s available. shoot me a PM.


all PM’s have been answered, list updated.


sold games have shipped.


lowered price on GGX. updated sold items.


you still got tony hawk? if so PM me