FS: Gundam Kits, Figures, and more!

all prices in USD without shipping
please keep in mind that I am shipping from Canada


1/100 scale unless otherwise noted

Strike Freedom “First Edition” with translucent blue stand- $25 Box Side Bottom Contents
Virtue + Nadaleeh - $45 Box Contents
Kyrios - $25 Box Contents
1/144 Blu Duel - $10 Box Contents

all unbuilt kits


Solid Works Shana Figure - figure is in like-new condition, took it out to take a look and put it back in the box. box has a few bumps to it $50
With Box
Without Box
Close-up Without Box
Gashapon Death Note Bobbleheads Full Set - $10
includes Light, Ryuuk, Rem, Near, Mello, Jealous, Misa

Dragon Age Origins Prima Official Guide - $10
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Guide (w/ map) - $15

Baldr Force EXE OVA Series - $5

PC Games:
Unreal Tournament 3 - $10
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - $10

pics will be provided upon request for any item

Oh god, i’m interested in the Shana fig. Can you post some pics?
Edit: Dammit nevermind, sorry. Her face kind of annoys me.

updated with some pics

items added

price drops

2 games added

both xbox games sold, and pics added for gundams