[FS] Hacked 360 pads (Europe only)


I have one ready-to-use hacked 360 controller for japanese stick/buttons (JLF and LS32-01, the ones with a 5-pin connector)

  • 11 buttons (A, B, X, Y, RB, LB, RT/LT + Back/Guide/Start)
  • JLF harness
  • Quick disconnects on all wires
  • Wires are labelled and paired for each input. Wires are 30 cm long to allow for installation in large cases.
  • Optocoupler-based circuit to accomodate the common-ground setup required by JLF harness.
  • Cables are tied up in group with nylon cable ties, but not hot-glued to allow for easy fix-up, if need be (there shouldn’t :rofl:)

80 EUR + shipping (=6 EUR for France; 16 EUR Europe/EEC)

Sold !
But please, don’t close that thread, I will add some more stuff at a later date !

awwww…man, was looking for one 2

tu as fait le pcb avec l’octocoupleur toi meme?

This is exactly what i’m looking for for my Virtua Stick Pro.
first post on this page… http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=115479&page=416

Do you have any more? i would only need one with A,B,X,Y start, guide, no need for triggers or top buttons or even the back button

my stick has all sanwa buttons and a JLF stick with the 5 pin connector

I’m in the UK