FS: hacked PSX pads, hacked XB360 wired pads, PS2 games, and other

Just selling stuff that’s in my collection. Click on the pictures to view enlarged versions.

All pictures found here as well as in this thread

Feedback thread here


Not accepting new XB360 orders at the moment because I cleaned out the pads at the local Gamestops

PSX Pads
Add $3 if you want it wired
Add $5 if you want a JLF harness (I need to restock at the moment)
PSX Digital - $15 shipped - 0 left
PSOne DS Solderable - $20 shipped - 0 left
PSX DS Solderable - $20 shipped - 0 left
PSX DS Solderless - $20 shipped - 1 left

Wired Madcatz Xbox 360 pads
Hacked (no triggers, no JLF harness)- $50 shipped
Add $5 if you want the triggers hacked
Add $5 if you want a JLF harness (I need to restock at the moment)

Madcats DDR pad (PSX/PS1/PS2) - $5 + shipping OBO (I would LOVE tips on how to ship this)
Good condition. Arrows are slightly more spaced out than arcade pad, but otherwise a good pad.

Logitech Driving Force (PS2/PC)- $15 + shipping OBO
Good condition. Has force feedback. A little dusty and it’s missing the power cord (easily fixed by buying a power adapter with adjustable voltage).

DDR Konamix (complete) + PS1 memory card - $15 shipped OBO
In good condition. Only minor marks/scratches from regular wear/tear

NBA Street Vol.2 (complete) - $10 shipped OBO
In good condition. More marks/scratches than others due to lots of play time.

SOTA Ibuki Figure - $10 + shipping
Got it as a gift like 4 years ago. Not really into this kind of stuff. Aside from a few scratches on the plastic box, it is pretty much NIB.

SOTA Akumi Figure - $10 + shipping
Same as above

Rubik’s cube 3x3x3 stickers (Cube4You) - $1.50 shipped OBO
Stickers that came with my Cube4You order. I don’t know how good these are.

Rubik’s cube 3x3x3 stickers (eBay seller) - $1.50 shipped OBO
Stickers that came with my first DIY Rubik’s Cube (Type-A). These are decent. Lasted a good while and probably could have gone for more if I didn’t swap them out for new colors.

Sorry, but no international deals. Paypal/money order for shipped items. I won’t ship until I get the money. If you buy multiple items, I’ll combine shipping and give you a new total.

If you want to do a local pickup, I don’t mind driving out to neighboring cities (Pasadena, Monrovia, Sierra Madre, Temple City). Also, I drive down to Irvine every weekend, so I can meet up with OC people, as long as its on my way.

Feel free to make any offers!

Added my Painted Pale Happ as well as lowered some prices.
Deal for DDR Konamix fell through. Buyer never responded.

Lowered a few prices on the games. Cmon guys, make me some deals >_<. Me needs to pay off a speeding ticket =\

i can vouch that if you like american sticks this stick is really good

sturdy decent weight case. nice feel and the cord can be stored back in the case

How much does the stick weigh compared to a MAS stick?

maybe 2/3 or 3/4 the weight of a MAS

^Good job with the pictures. Everything you need to know in a row.

Forgot to mention I lowered price to $150 shipped for the stick

Happ stick lowered to $130 shipped OBO

Stick lowered to $120 shipped

Hey TingBoy I sent you a PM regarding the Happ stick, please reply ASAP. Thanks!

Stick sold to Albedo :tup:


1 PSX DS solderable pad sold =)

Stick received from TingBoy. Thanks man! Works great! =D

Lowered a few prices

Hi Tingboy,

I would be interested in a wired DS psx pad w/ 5 pin wire harness.
If i’m doing the math correctly that would be $28 shipped?
PM me if you have any more left. Thanks.

Pm sent.

More pads sold. Out of PSX DS Solderables.

Soul Calibur II, Tekken 5, and DDR MAX sold

I can vouch for this guy. I received 1 of his pre-wired PCB and it has excellent workmanship! Definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a PCB.