FS: Happ Buttons, UMVC3 (X360), SFxT (X360), and Basic Modding Services


Hitbox sold.

Modding Services:
Experience with dual mods, and pad hacking. $35 + parts and shipping for basic dual mods
Can do more just ask. PM any questions, will organize wires and not leave birdsnests
Also have 8 Happ convex buttons black plunger with white casing. $18 shipped (US)

UMVC3 for xbox 360 $45 Shipped
SFxT for 360 $35 Shipped

WTB: Hitbox for PS3

I’m interested in it right now… when will you post pix?


pics yet?


Real life happened so I haven’t been around lately, heres a picture of it.
First Gen, Green buttons, Board has the firmware to make it neutral if both directions pushed


Hey, I’m interested, I sent you a PM.


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