FS: Happ MC Cthulhu stick


I have an MC Cthulhu-based stick that I put together when I first started getting into sticks a while back. As such, it has some rough areas, but the stick works perfectly. Pics and description of a few small issues below:


(Ignore the wet-looking areas of the artwork, that was from a spill at one point, the artwork is fully removable, it was just a cheap paper printout)




The 8 main buttons are iL competition convex, stick is an iL competition. One microswitch on the stick was replaced, but everything works fine. The 3 buttons on front are Happ concave. The select button is NOT wired, the only buttons currently functional are the green and black buttons on the left side, for start and home respectively. Also, as you might be able to tell by looking at the back, this stick was at one point wired for a dual mod, but has since been put back to Cthulhu-only. As such, the stick will NOT function if the DPDT switch is flipped down (at least for consoles requiring USB). Also, the RJ-45 jack was placed in before Neutrik was widely known, but it does stay in place and work just fine, you may choose to replace it with something a little prettier though.

I will include one approx 6’ USB cable wired to RJ-45, so the stick will work on PS3/PC out of the box. You’ll have to make the other cables.

I will let this stick go for $60 shipped to the continental US only. If you want to make me an offer, feel free to do so via PM as well, and of course, questions are welcome.


Price drop.