FS: Happ Modded SFAC Arcadestick

I’m selling my Happ modded SFAC Arcade stick. It has a Black Comp joystick, and 6 Black convex comp pushbuttons, I also plugged the left side of the buttons. The reason of me selling is that, I used to own a Sanwa based stick, and it felt weird to me, so I went American, and now I want to go back Sanwa lol, but I’m too poor to have 2 of them. The stick is in GREAT Condition, bcuz it is lightly used. Now as for the price, I want to get somewhat close to what I paid for it, and the labor of modding the thing, so I feel that $110 shipped is good/fair. The stick art has been changed to all white (See the pics), but I can change it back, or include the original SFAC artwork when you buy it. As of payment, I can take paypal, or money order (I prefer paypal), but I expect the payment to be sent to me before I ship, for I will not get jipped in this forum again. Not gonna say any names and point any fingers but I lost $110 for sending money upfront to someone who I thought was trustworthy in these boards. If you dont trust my legitimacy, you can look through my threads/posts and I have done business with Finkle(Bought my orig. sanwa from him), Phobos(Sold my Finkle stick to him), also a fellow SRK mod Septimus Prime could probably vouch that I’m legit. All of transactions went well and fine and no problems.

Heres the link to my feedback


Here are the pictures of the stick


The price is negotiable, please feel free to PM me any offers

Question: Since the plugs are on the left side, and the configuration is usually the shoulder buttons on the right…

  1. Why did you plug the buttons in the first place?


  1. What is the button configuration?

I have a dreaded fist stick myself, and I’m looking to aquire a second stick so that I can loan out one to players who don’t have a stick at my tournaments.

Edit: Oops! I can’t read. Nice Stick, Good Price. I have one already but someone would be so lucky to pick this up. :tup:

  1. Bcuz I didnt want to spend extra $$ to fill them with buttons which I found unneccesary bcuz I didnt play any games that needed those extra 2 buttons.

  2. It is mapped with everything but L2 and R2 I believe



Trades are the way to go.

Well the only I want for this would be a new custom stick or just a custom stick, that maybe I can add for

Since you’re local, I’m just letting you know that Clark is on the lookout for a joystick, so next time you see him at Action Arcade, let him know.

Oh really?? Aite ill be at action all day today…

who are u btw? im pretty sure your down at action from time to time?

Yea, I’m down there every now and then. Name’s Albert. 5’9 slightly chunky Asian =). I’m usually playing MSP, Santhrax, and Clockwork. I match up pretty evenly with Clark

Ah do u know how i can reach him? Saw him last nite, but didnt really get to ask if he wanted my stick lol

PM sent lawl

how much is shipping from fagland anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I’m actually from Southern Cali, and I see your location is 626, if thats your area code, then we can probly have a local meetup since I’m in the 626 area myself (Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, West Covina, Baldwin Park) Those are just some fairly closeby cities from me


Too bad im broke.

Lol its ok, get at me when you get mula $$

Price lowered to $100 shipped (Maybe cheaper for local pickup)

Hey you PM
And about the stick is there anyways you can set up the button config to
and also is there any chance you can go lower than that because im short a few of that $100 and i dint of need to in the next week to practice with.