FS: Happ-modded SFAC Stick

I am selling a used (but in very good condition) Street Fighter Anniversary Collection stick. This is one of the later models that came with the equalization socket. The stock parts have been replaced with a Happ competition joystick and Happ competition buttons using ArcadeStickMonk’s tutorial.

The stick comes in its original box (it has a slight tear in the back) with instructional booklet (but no Street Fighter poster). SOLD!! SOLD!! (it’s a big box, so shipping is going to be expensive). I prefer Paypal, but we can work something out if you prefer to pay another way. Please PM me if you’re interested.




Where were you 2.5 weeks ago! Good luck with the sale.

what exactly does the equalization socket do, keep the controller from burning out ports?

Is there any way to work out a deal if I have an unmodded SFAC stick that I’m looking to get rid of?

Just wondering.

Not really. You need to connect it to the PS2 plug whenever you use the stick with the Xbox for it to work properly. I found this odd because I didn’t need to do this with my first SFAC stick. Don’t fret about the socket. I used this stick for many SFAC online matches without any problems.

My main goal is selling my stick. I’m not looking to make any trades.

Stick is on hold pending payment.

For those of you who PM’ed me about this stick, please check your PMs.

Cowdisease, I’ll take the stick if you still have it.

If your in the NY/NJ area and u still have this, let me know. I live in new york so we can work something out.

The stick is sold. Thanks to everyone who showed interest.