FS: HAPP Parts, Madcatz Retro Sticks


Here is what I have in-stock:

1x Happ 8-Way Competition Joystick with a Black Bat-top and cherry micro-switches
$14 shipped.

6x Concave buttons with real cherry micro-switches.
$15 shipped for all 6.

$35 shipped for a special lot that includes the stick, buttons, and adds 26 quick disconnects (to make a 6 button, and 3 start button arcade stick),3 extra buttons
and black wiring.

1x Broken MadCatz Retro Stick pcb: The connection plates for the pcb have been burned off but everything else still works meaning you can use this for a PC arcade stick, you just can’t use it on the 360.
$5 shipped.


ADDED: 1x Madcatz Stock SE stick: Its been in use for about a week so its in fairly good condition.
$10 shipped.

6x Madcatz Stock SE buttons: 6 in total of the stock white buttons. Never really used.
$6 shipped.

PACKAGE: Madcatz stock stick and buttons. As mentioned above:
$15 shipped.




i’m interested in the new retro stick

i finished modding the ex2 case i bought from you:



Bump to let people know Retro stick has been sold.



Added a part.


Bebop, I’d like to get your broken retro pcb.