FS: Happ Perfect 360 Joysticks NEW $32 shipped

I have a few of these available, please PM me if interested.

They’re not the happ/wico ones by chance are they?

They are the Happ/Wico ones, but with the Happ name embedded on them. Same ones they sell from Happ and Lizard Lick.

If these are the old school 360s (the ones that don’t need a new actuator or toying with sensors) and are the ones actually made by WICO back in the days, sign me up and check your PM. If they are recent, ignore my PM.

The old school ones I want are the ones produced in 1999-2000. Those worked flawlessly on 3.3v source.

How many you got? I want them.



If they are the good, old ones then I will take one if you still have them.

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Same here please.

As I stated before. Same ones they sell at Happ and Lizard Lick meaning they are the NEW ones.

I DO have some older Wico models, but I would want a lot for those…Same with the original Happ Perfect 360s…

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i thought the original happs 360s were the older wico’s.

so whats the difference between the p360 made by happ and the ones made by wico back in the day?,

No, that’s incorrect. The orginal Happ Perfect 360s have a red base, and are not made anymore. The Wico 360 sticks are the only ones available today, just slapped with the Happ name on them, and subpar actuators.