FS: HD-PVR $160, Hacked 360 pcb $20

Prices shipped to the U.S.

Pcb is pulled from a Lazeeya stick that I modded with a new pcb and has QDs ready to go for Sanwa. Will need wire harness attached as I’m keeping this one.


Ha, Laz…
What PVR do you have?


Interested in the pcb. Any way of knowing who exactly made the pcb? Can u send me a few close up pics please? Thanks

It’s a madcatz classic arcade joystick pcb (common ground), wired by Lazeeya a couple years back. I’ll put a pic up in this thread tonight.

pics plz…

Would you ship the PVR outside the US? How much would the extra shipping be? Highly interested.

Pic added of the pcb, pretty much a run of the mill pcb hack, although it is soldered clean (using the holes through the contacts)

@Kane sorry, the PVR is spoken for.

I’m a little confused, what do you mean when you say “Will need wire harness attached as I’m keeping this one.” ?

For the directions (Up/Down/Left/Right), you will need to attach one of these to use a JLF:


I have an LS32 with wiring harness connected to a gamecube pcb, would I be able to add the 360 pcb to the stick also?