FS: Hori and Sanwa arcade parts

I need to sell my extra arcade parts. They are in excellent condition.
All items are shipped from Toronto.
I will take pictures if anyone wants to see them. I accept paypal only and shipping is calculated after purchase, but i will try to make it cheap as possible.

Parts available:
JLF-TP-8Y x4 20$ each
JLF-TP-8Y(used) x1 10$ each
LB-39(known as the bubble ball) 3$ each (pink x2, yellow x2, purple x1)
OBSF-30 screw-in buttons x12 3$ each (orange)
AM-30 (button cover) x3 1$ each

24mm screw-in buttons, yellow x4
30mm screw-in buttons, red x17
30mm screw-in buttons, green x2
1$ each.

can i get a jlf i can send cash priority with a tracking number used one