FS - Hori case with Seimitsu buttons, 360 Mad Catz PCB, some Blurays

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Warning, shitty cell Blackberry pics.

Hori case with Seimitsu buttons, NO PCB

Was originally a PS2 Soul Calibur 2 stick. The owner removed the art and left this mosaic paint job. I installed the Seimitsu buttons and swapped the Hori stick shaft assembly with a Namco stick one. (The stick housing is the original) Now just sits and collects dust. All thats missing is the screws for the bottom metal plate. $30 plus shipping.

Spiderman Trilogy Bluray

4 discs, all watched just once. Practically new. From Australia but is REGION FREE. $35 plus shipping.

Mad Catz Classic Arcade Stick NEW
Common ground, easy to hack. $20 shipped or for $30 prehacked.

Robocop Bluray
Unrated version, no special features. Watched once. $11 shipped.

Rollie Stick with LS-56 mounting plate and spring
A perfect Seimitsu LS-56 clone. Added two parts to make it pretty much a LS-56. $15 plus shipping.

TMNT Bluray
$14 shipped. Opened but never watched.

DVDs all $6 each shipped except where noted
Dawn of the Dead Unrated
Batman Begins
Big Trouble in Little China
Kung Fu Hustle
Spiderman 2
300 Two Disc SE
The Fifth Element Two Disc UE
T2 Judgement Day Extreme DVD
T3 Rise of the Machines
Planet Terror Two Disc SE
Death Proof Two Disc SE
Predator Two Disc SE
Halloween (1979)
Pans Labyrinth Two Disc SE $8
Ronin Two Disc SE $8
Leon The Professional International/Deluxe Edition $10

Take em all for $80 shipped.

Paypal only. PM me if interested in any items.