Fs: Hori Ex 2 Fighting Sticks For Xbox 360 $59.99 Shipped

Got about 20 of these available. Get them to your door for $60 shipped. Cheaper than the store, and no TAX right to your door! PM me if interested! BRAND NEW IN BOX!

So which Asian import store did you rob ;)?

JK, I been to your site, interesting offer ;).

Now I wish that I could send money through Paypal right about now.

These are the US versions, not the Japanese ; )

Do you take money orders?

Sure, I’ll take money orders.

Send them to:

Shipping Solutions
49 Business Park Dr
Lebanon, TN 37090

Make sure I know what it is for.

Can I order one with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts? Or would I have to settle for ordering one stock?

Now you really made me wish that I can send via Paypal.

Chachi: Sorry, I just sell, I don’t mod.

DTR delivers to srk once again!

Curious as to what the total cost would be to ship to London, UK.

Still got any in stock? Pm sent.

Sold some more, down to about 10.