FS Hori Ex2 for the 360 (Modded for Wireless) Now with more Sanwa

This baby uses a common signal Xbox 360 wireless controller.
Runs off the official rechargeable battery with a db9 port to recharge it.
You can play wirelessly or play while its charging.
There is a conviniently placed sync button up top on the right.
THe Guide button has been changed to match that of an official controller.
I have added a small switch where the original cord was to stop the signal from the power to the controller to immidiately turn of the controller inside.

Buttons are Sanwa aswell as the ball top. The inside piece of the stick is now a Sanwa JLF because some of you asked for it.
Battery is internal and the voice adapter works. THere is a small hole on the right side that lets you see if your battery is charging of fully charged.

I added a bit of extra stuff inside to give it a little bit of added weight to the arcade stick, buttons are
The LT and RT are mapped to the top LB and RB positions.

**Now has a Sanwa JLF with Sanwa Harness. **
Picture of the JLF mounted can be received by request. I can email it to you straight from my phone. The JLF is flush mounted, I did this by trimming some plastic and avoiding extra screws. The shaft is the same height, not shorter or longer.

Asking $200. Includes paypal fee and shipping and handling.

cool! joystick wireless…for only X-360 nice job!

this is a badass stick. i really want to buy it but im sagging in money right now :frowning:

All it needed was a sanwa stick to make this perfect. Sick stick either way. :tup: How would you go about switching out the rechargeable battery if it ever dies? They’re not very reliable and sometimes they have to be plugged in all the time. (first hand experience)


id buy it with different art

Well I currently dont have a problem, this battery is brand new. Bought just for this setup.

If there is a problem I can run off of the USB cable, or I can replace the battery. Battery problems are always a risk, but so far on SCIV I have not had any problems with this stick.

Changing the art would require removing alot of the insides. I am moving from Cali to HI by AUG 11th I dont think I would have the time to change up the art.

I have modded some with JLF’s before, and to be honest I never noticed a beneficial difference.

I know for me it just feels wrong since the stick isn’t as responsive and accurate. Yea, you can play with it no doubt but having a sanwa makes it a lot better.

Kinda like the buttons but not as bad.

Have till tue to decide if you want it.
Now has a Sanwa JLF with Sanwa Harness.

Tue my stuff gets picked up to ship to Hawaii.

I’m out of funds right now due to some expected spending. Good luck with your sale though. :tup: