FS: Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 (special) ALL SANWA joystick + lagfree-coverters


Hrap2 for sale. Custom vinyl decal w/ custom one piece and FLCL art. 30mm Blue sanwa snap ins with 24 mm start and select sanwa snap ins. White JLF stick w/ custom spring mod and swapped the case from an hrap1 to have the black shell. Hasn’t been getting any game time due to school and work.

I also have a xconverter 360 plus and pelican ps2/ps3 adapter. Far as I know these are the better or best adapters for ps3 and xbox 360.

Asking 235 shipped in the US OBO.

Pm if you have any questions, I’ve been selling on here for a few years but they always reset the feedback due to updates. O.o