FS : Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 - Sanwa moded

Hey guys,
I have another HRAP 3 up for sale or trade.
It’s new and moded with 8 all white OBSN Sanwa buttons. I still don’t have any 24 mm buttons so they are still the stock yellow hori buttons. The balltop is also white sanwa. For some reason, I keep getting these HRAP3 with messed up boxes so I do apologize for that.

I’m selling this for $110 Shipped in the US. Anywhere else please PM me first.
PM in you guys are interested.

*note - I was too lazy to take new pictures so these are from my old thread.


Pm sent

I apologize for the mix up guys. Forgot to post what I’m looking for.I’m lookin for a new or good as new HRAP2. Needs to be in good physical condition and fully funtioncal. I prefer unmoded but moded is ok i guess.

Thanks guys.

pm sent

on hold for urth