FS: Hori Real Arcade Pro (UK)


Hori Real Arcade Pro for PS/PS2

The best joystick on the market, with real arcade parts. Its also a very good looking stick! My one has upgraded Semitsu buttons, making it full arcade-spec (Sanwa joystick is standard on the RAP).

Condition is good, however it has been used and so there is some very small scuffing/peeling of plastic around the buttons due to play time and cleaning.

These still go for loads on ebay but I’m letting mine go for 75 + postage. Or come pick it up from West London and save on that too :dp: :hp:




offers will be considered from UK buyers!


Where in West London are you?


Chiswick, near the start of the M4


Could you please email a piccie to fiercebadger2004@yahoo.co.uk





No shipping to the us? If so can you PM me price. Thanks


Shipping to the us would make it pretty expensive - I would expect shipping to be about $50-60.