FS: Hori SC2 stick and Nintendo DS Lite

I have two things I’m looking to get rid of and thought of offering them here first before throwing them up on eBay:

-A slighly broken Nintendo DS Lite. Master Chibi white, well worn. Launch day batch so it has the broken hinges problem in full force. Part of the left hinge is broken off and the entire right hinge broke off. Other than that the system works as it should. See picture attached to this post. $50 shipped.

(Yes, this thing actually works, even in that goofy-ass state.)

-A slightly broken Hori SC2 stick. Also well worn; the stick itself is looser than a loli after a night with Mizuki. The whole thing works about as well as a SC2 Hori does (somewhere between manageable and utter arse, depending on who you ask) but the controller cable is fraying at the base and the select button likes to get stuck and you have to wedge it out. Apply lots of electrical tape. See picture attached to this post. $40 plus shipping (which I estimate to be ~$10).

All sales are final and all items are sold as-is. There is no warranty expressed or implied from the seller (manufactures warranties may still apply, item dependent).

Payment by PayPal, plz.

Just a suggestion - you might want to throw up the pictures on imageshack.us or something similar. Have to register to see those pics

Oops. Fixed.

I’ve also been asked to hold the SC2 stick for someone.

what games is that on the ds?