FS: Hrap Ex for xbox 360 (So-Cal) ((SOLD))


Selling my Hrap Ex for the xbox 360. Have had it for 2 months and just recently put in 6 sanwa obsf. 3 white and 3 grey. Need to sell cause I hardly use it and I have Te stick. Asking $150 plus shipping. Only shipped to anywhere in the U.S I’m in west covina in so-cal in case you wanna pick up also. Msg me here or email me ektouge88@yahoo.com

Click on pics for bigger Sizes





check pm please


also pm’ed


First buyer flaked. Still up for grabs


gay. i didnt pm cuz i thought people who posted was gonna buy. pmed, serious buyer here, no bs.


Trust this man. :smiley:


i want it. going to pm you




almost bought this, but found a TE at a local GS while I was waiting for his replies. Again, im so sorry dude. I couldnt resist the brand new TE today.


Other buyers ranked out still up for sale. Serious buyers so dont waste my time.


ill take it if its still up for grabs. just pm’d ya


oo price dropped by 10 bux. perfect, pm me if you still have it.


i was wondering how many sticks do u own??


i own 2 horis unmodded, 2 te sticks, 1 hrap full sanwa (just recently sold tho), 1 SE fully modded, 2 broken horis…i think that’s it…i think…oh wait…2 dreamcast green goblin.

imo it’s not alot especially for people who have been active in the fighting scene for a long time. most of the people i play with also have a handful of sticks. rcaido who’s pretty active on the seller section i know owns more sticks than i do.


Pending to temjinalpha


Sold thanks temjinalpha


i thought i was second in line???


first of thx for the stick ektouge88 it was nice to meet cha. to bad we couldn’t get some games in at super.


if you were up next sorry if i took your spot i thought every one flaked on him and thought i was next in line. I’m a fair guy and i don’t want to be a penis so if you want it give me the 150 plus shipping cost and i will send it to you.


dam! Thats a lot lol.the guy who bought the stick,your lucky!very good price