Selling a Brand new HRAP EX Pro for xbox 360. I just received this in the mail on Monday, modded it, tested it, and put it right back in the box. It has a JLF stick with white balltop, 6 white sawna OBSF-30s, 2 Sanwa hole plugs, and 2 black siemitsu buttons for “back” and “start.” Buttons have been rearranged to make sense. Also including an extra Sanwa octagonal gate (square gate comes already installed), 2 black/gray sanwa OBSF-30 buttons in case you want to use the last 2 buttons, and all stock parts (including black balltop).

Button Layout:


$189 shipped with current mods


$170 shipped with a green or pink Sanwa button & balltop set (instead of white)


$150 shipped with stock parts

Can also swap balltop & buttons to be Sanwa pink or Sanwa green.**




wow thats a really nice stick gl with sale

pics added

price bump

you must be breaking even selling that stick at that price with shipping included.

Yeah. Surprised no one jumped on it.

Trust me, it’s just a bad time. I’d be allllll over this if I didn’t already spend so much money on SFIV and a custom PS3 stick.

Damn…I just ordered this same stick yesterday from arcade shock. Should have looked here first. Am gonna do the same thing you did but with red and white sanwa pb.

Still for sale… trying this one more time before I choose to keep it. Price changed due to high shipping cost.

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good god you have no idea how tempting that this is

I guess whats keeping people from buying it is cause it comes out next week in the states for $130. Of course its not gonna be modded like yours is.

I know man. I would have seriously bought this already if I didn’t have to pay for some other stuff

well that could be a reason but mostly its because everybody seems be to be tight in money than usual

True. Times are rough.

last price bump.

give it another day or so, I imagine someone will buy this beaut

And a lot of people are scrambling for the SFIV Tournament Edition stick as well.

This is a a really good deal, hold out for a while more man. There’s nothing for you to lose.

Added option…

Just curious but why did you buy this stick just to mod it and sell it on srk?

Also how did you get this so early when it’s supposed to hit Japan in Feb?