FS hrap ex se too big for girl & other stuff


i bought this because i thought it was cute but its way too big for me i want 100 pickup or 120 shipped this is the only item i will charge for shipping right now. i tried to get used to it but put it away 15 minutes later, that is all the use it has seen.


this is electroplankton for nintendo ds


barely used, looking for 60 shipped. it is complete and very clean

ps2 street fighter controllers 75 shipped i opened to read the comics. thats all i wanted actually :P, will test before ship


laptop sold
headset sold


someone will eventually grab the Ex SE eventually.

good luck .


Do you live anywhere close to Mtn. View? I may want the eee PC.


You should probably give some more info on that netbook. At least the model number.


where are you in california?


ditto on lolcation


This and I will probably pick up if not sold already.


location plx


oh very sorry boys, i am from 408 updated profile. the epc i think is e900a i dont konw much else about it there is an atom if that helps.

added some more items


wanna trade toward my byrdo.
Its too small for me.


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added new items


anything you would want to trade for the ex-se?


Just announcing that I’m not longer interested in the eee PC. Reason being For not giving me any kind of discount off the shipped price for driving out to San Jose. So it’s all yours and free bump.


not right now, thanks tho.

price dropped on laptop


laptop sold
headset sold



USPS tracking # 0309 1830 0000 6685 4096