FS: Hrap PS2/360 Mod and SE PS2 Mod with 360 adapters Low prices



I’m selling the following

A custom made B15 stick. As you can see from the picture, it has a few battle scars but works on the ps3, 360 and pc.** $Sold**[media=youtube]HNNVqdFKzXc[/media]



Inside wiring

A qanba QRAF4 Stick with the box, it works on 360, PS3 and PC aswell Sold


A Hrap 3 that has been moded to play on the 360 and PS2. $99 shipped

And a SE that has been modded to work on the PS2, it comes with an adapter to use it on the 360 aswell. $89 shipped


All sticks are full sanwa.
Please message with any questions. Payment via paypal.


Ahh man. The neutrik jack could have been replaced for $5 and there wouldn’t have been a need to cut a hole in the bottom plexi like that.


Yeah…I just sent him a pm earlier asking why there’s a hole at the bottom >.<


Yeah, I didn’t do that, its such an injustice.

You could replace the plexiglass, artwork and apparently the neutrik jack and it would look great again


… uh huh, Thanks for that…

Prices updated in the first post.


Dude… Go away.


may i see a picture of the B15 stick’s wiring?


Not to be a jerk but YESMASTER is right…especially the sticks u have for sale are worth more than what u are selling them for and he’s just giving u friendly advice


Yeah specially for collectors tho. that’s why I asking you before if there’s any other sign of it been damage. Those picture does make us wondering the condition and how good did you take care of it. YESMASTER it’s trying to give you a great piece of advice. He’s also a pontention buyer that you just turned your back.


I wouldve jumped on that b15 if the hole wasnt there


Yeah same here, I saw it when it was first posted. Sent him pm’s on the condition of the stick but no reply. Its missing a rubber feet, I wonder how that happened.


Thanks for the advice badboy and slaycruz.

I recently bought the B15 from the original owner sight unseen over the internet. I heard “B15” and saw the price and jumped on it lol. It’s all working and you’d want to change the artwork out anyway, so adding a new plexi wouldn’t be too hard. If the hole wasn’t there, I’d be asking $300+ for it.

I’m selling all of these sticks because I’m stepping away from fighting games and expanding my business… My retail business… Where I sell things… Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of things, so I understand what you’re saying.

All of this talk will deter potential buyer much more than a bad picture, so I’m kindly asking you guys to drop the subject please. I’ll go ahead and post better pictures tomorrow.

KamiKKazi, I will post a picture of the wiring when I get a chance tomorrow.


Its In my first reply to you.

Just a suggestion, sloppily tossing negatively toned comments around on someones sales thread won’t help your cause any. If you really were trying to help, you could have sent a pm.

But thanks again. New pictures tomorrow.


Using terms like “sloppily” and “gives a shit” when talking about someones items for sale is negative.

But if that wasnt on purpose than I apologize and thanks.


Pictures updated. Here is a picture of the wiring.


Thanks for all of the messages and interest despite this little display on the post.


Im sorry if my comment may have created any negative vibes for the thread, it was not my intention. It just pains me to see things like that.

For those that are interested in the stick its only a $10 fix for the plexi and new Neutrik jack.


Price lowered. Offers welcome


Where can I purchase the plexi and neutrik jack if I decide to buy the b15 stick?


You can get a plexi cut at Home Depot or Lowe’s I believe, and you can get neutrik jacks at a lot of places, but i prefer to get them atFocus Attack. It also looks like you may need some feet.


The Qanba has been sold.