FS:HRAP1 mirror finish NEW seimitsu parts

Got ORIGINAL HRAP1 with the mirror finish… it has both the sanwa and seimitsu plates… the old sanwa stuff has been replaced with all NEW seimitsu blue pearl buttons and bubble blue balltop on a LS-32-02 seimitsu stick.


i realize these are rare and a few of you may be wanting this so i wont let it go to the first person as im broke and in need of cash so ill start it out at

money orders must be sent with a tracking number… because its at your own risk and you need to make sure i get it.


feedbacks all there and ill have more for sale in the few days like a modded agetec and some t5 mods or something as well as some parts and buttons.


Pm sent. I really need this stick.

i currently have 3 offers on this stick.

also kurumster was the first PM… so if noone makes a bigger offer than him it will be sold for 175shipped

also if you would like to make a bigger higher bid such as on ebay you can do so. if no one bid higher than it will still go for your lower ammount.

i will have this sold by MIDNIGHT tonight.

price is still at $175


stick is sold… more to come for sale soon