FS: HRAP1 w/ Sanwas

Hey people,

I want to let go of my hori pro arcade stick with sanwa mods because i really need money and i rarely ever use the stick.

I got this stick last March from VGO but ive only used it for about 10-15 occasions whenever i go over to my friends house. Other than that i barely touched the stick because its really boring for me to play by myself. The sanwa buttons and the sanwa stick are barely broken in yet so theres to show for its lack of use. Sticks in excellent working condition.

The buttons are **yellow snap in sanwas **purchased from Himuragames. the ball top is a sanwa yellow ball top, also purchased from himuragames. I also switched out the **square gate **with a sanwa octogonal gate. I still have all the **stock parts **if you ever want to switch them out. there are some **himuragames stickers **on the backend of the stick. O yea i also have a **dreamcast innovation converter **with it.

make an offer if youre interested. ask me if you have any questions. Im going for about $90-100 shipped only in the U.S.
Here are the pics. Sorry for the bad quality photos, if i had a better camera i would use it.

Thanks For Looking
















Thanks For Looking

darn… no canada :frowning: but this is a really nice deal! wish i lived in the states… haha is there anyway you’d ship to canada XD

PM Sent.

Hey Itsuki, is this still up for grabs? im really interested in this but you havent replied to any of the PM’s i sent

i am also VERY interested in this stick shoot me a pm! i would send one to you but this dude said you havent responded to his