FS: HRAP1B (all sanwa) + slim PS2 + saturn games


sup dudes im broke. help me out

i have some refs on ebay, iss and paypal if you want em

i prefer paypal (confirmed addressed only) but will also accept money orders and concealed cash (at your own risk)

hrap1b all sanwa parts - SOLD
slim ps2 (“modded” for swap magic) i will throw in an extra sony ps2 pad and a memory card - SOLD
soukyugurentai (jp saturn shmup/mint condition) - $25 shipped
vampire savior (jp saturn) - $20 shipped
assault suit leynos 2 (jp saturn/mint condition) - $25 shipped

tag pic - http://www.fantasticandfriends.net/images/tag.jpg
hrap - http://www.fantasticandfriends.net/images/hrap.jpg
ps2 - http://www.fantasticandfriends.net/images/ps2.jpg
saturn games - http://www.fantasticandfriends.net/images/sata.jpg

i also have a broken slim ps2. will take offers. everything works except for the p1 controller port.

all saturn discs are in mint condition. assault suit leynos 2 is complete and comes with spine card and inserts.

contact info:
aim - djjazzyjeff300
email/pp - charm.min /at/ gmail /dot/ com

or you can always pm me. some prices are negotiable

thanks for looking

pm sent

i dont mind putting things on hold but since ive already recieved offers from people on the same item

whoever can pay first gets it

once you confirm it with me of course

how much for the dinosaur

that shit aint on sale its PRICELESS

I’m thinking about that Assault Suit Leynos 2.

here is a pic of the inserts


interested in slim ps2 pm sent.

hey min, it’s rob. if you’re going to be at the TGA Ranbats Saturday, please bring your HRAP1 and i’ll buy it from you on the spot, cold hard cash. If not, PM me and we’ll work something out. I’m assuming it’s a bit less than 110$ if i buy it on the spot (since you put 110$ SHIPPED). If not please let me know.

I was going to buy from you but that dinosaur is just too gay.

haha stop hating

would you rather have me use pokemon

PM sent, please get back to me!


i need to get to evo!

hello my friend,

Id be interested in buying that fine dinosaur. Ill buy at any price.

pm sent!