FS: Hrap2 Hori Buttons and JLF PCBs

I have 2 sets of Hori Buttons from an hrap2. (16-red 30mm, 4-24mm yellows) $15 shipped per set pr best offer gets 'em. I also have 1 square restrictor that I can sell separately or toss in if you get everything.

I have 2 sanwa jlf pcbs as well but, I’m not sure if I want to get rid of those. They sell for $15 plus shipping on Lizardlick’s site. Pm or post if interested. :tup:


pm-d for the button and octo restrictor (gt-y maybe)

Red Sanwa and GT-Y Restrictor are sold.

are all the buttons sold?

I still have the hori buttons, I only sold the one sanwa I had. PM me with your interests.

Another price drop


hey man I got everything today thanks a lot that was super fast
oh and when you get a chance