FS: HRAP2, lightly used

Works like the day I opened it, no modifications have been made to it.
The item is in Phoenix, AZ.

I’m requesting $80 for it (including shipping).

PM sent

wow, what a steal.

If ShYtFaCe doesn’t get it I will :looney:

Man, $80 is an absolute steal

I would have paid at least $100+ for it

Gah, I hate being late!

I bought it brand new from ebay for $100 (forgot the seller, completely legit).

I figure I can’t charge the same for it.

Just so everyone knows, I have not (repeat: HAVE NOT) sold anything over the internet before, so please bear with me.

I intend to ship this with normal, good-old USPS, america only.

omg where were you at evo :frowning:

seconded… jesus christ, i would have easily paid you for that…

what a deal.

Lol I was a pad player who hadn’t adjusted to his stick yet.

I realized far too late that I prefer Happ sticks, but oh well.

So has this been sold yet or no? :lovin:

I dunno, I think I was the first to PM but haven’t gotten a response yet, so I’m just gonna pass Statistics.

I’m willing to pay up to $160 dollars for this easily. I’ve been dying for one for the past 2 month. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=137183

I’m also sending a PM if you’re interested in selling to me.

i think someone been trying to sell their HRAP2 modded with Sanwas for $175.

Pre-modded Sanwa buttons? You got a link?


Bah, won’t ship outside of US. Damn it for living in the UK!

Too bad I think the only thing stolen here is my money. I sent this guy the money last Friday and he said he received it and would send the stick the next day. I keep PMing him for a tracking number or at least to ask him how he sent it and he is not responding at all even though he has been on. I hope I’m wrong, but I think I have another PayPal claim I have to file again…:rolleyes:

It really does suck to be in situations like this. This stick is pretty rare and I hate to see ppl get taken advantage of when they pay for a rare product and don’t receive them. I hope you end up getting the stick in one piece.

Damn man, I’m sorry. I hope you get your stick or your money back. That’s pretty bogus if he took you for a fool.