FS: HRAP2 New in Box

Edit of the original post.

Hi all, just got in a HRAP2 New in Box! Asking for $108 + shipping + paypal fees. This is highly desired since it is out of stock by Hori and possibly won’t be producing anymore. PLease Pm me for details. Pics will be up later today or tommorow.

edit: Ebay is out of these, it seems as if there is none on the market, get yours now! i’ll prolly lower it one more time if no one bites, then i’ll just keep it and mod it

Thank You


I’ll probably be getting in contact with you in the next day or so.

Just got one in :wgrin: , its 120+ shipping + paypal fee which i forgot to mention earlier, should be 4 dollars i think. Depending how fast this sells will determine if I will get more in the future.


bump and uploaded pics, New in Box!

bump $108 now

you do know theres like 10 of these going on ebay for like $80 right?

i’m well aware of that.