FS: HRAP2 SA black faceplate

Edit: Sold

Hey guys,
I have a HRAP2 SA for sale. It has a black faceplate from the EX-SE, but it has all of the 2SA internals including the turbo panel. The blue buttons are Sanwa screw-ins (OBSN-30) and the black buttons are Seimitsu including the start/select.

Asking $165 shipped in the lower 48.



I’d like to buy this if you can send me a message to discuss payment etc.

On hold.

Payment sent Joe.

And received. I’ll ship it out tomorrow and let you know the tracking info. Thank you.

My pleasure, hope to be playing Darkstalkers very soon with it. :slight_smile:

Darkstalkers looks like a fun game. I need to give it a play one of these days.