FS - HRAP3 moded SOLD


Hey guys,

I have a New HRAP3 moded with a white Sanwa balltop and 8 white OBSN Sanwa Pushbuttons. Wish I had 2 of the OBSN-24 white pushbuttons to go with it. Selling this for $120 shipped. PM if interested. Paypal only.





isnt there already a sanwa jlf in the stick as a stock part?


he just said white balltop and sanwa buttons.


Thanks hellhound7. What he said is correct.


someone should jump on this :tup:


Thanks E-Bortion. Pics added.


thanks. first time buying anything on this forum. will send feedback once i recieve shipment


SOLD. Sorry to whoever else wanted one. I might have another sometime this week. If anyone is interested PM me. I only have white sanwa buttons at the moment so it’s gonna look the same. Price will be the same $120 shipped in the US. All others PM me first and we’ll work something out.