FS: HRAP3 w/Seimitsu buttons

Considering selling my PS3/PC Hori Real Arcade Pro 3.

The 6 main face buttons have been replaced with Seimitsu buttons.

Sanwa square gate. Turbo for every button on it. Was used a bit during the first month of SFIV and SSFIV, but not a whole lot in between there.

Want to keep this in the continental U.S. unless someone feels like paying a premium on shipping.

Looking for around $70+ shipped.

pretty sure you cant do the whole “make me an offer” thing.

at least set a limit to get things going.

Porn popped up when I clicked your link.

yeah what kind of image hosting site is that -_-

Clearly, the best one.


You need to put a price.

Sorry about that. Changed the host for the pic. I’ve NEVER had pop-ups like that before on that site until I saw the replies to this thread and clicked my own link.

Payment sent for HRAP

dammit gone.