FS: HSS-0130 Blast city clone 260 Shipped

So I purchased a cabinet and don’t foresee playing with this anymore. Comes with pcbs but one usb cable was removed for another project. Better details and more pics in my build thread. Also comes with OEM movelist glass. Less than 8hrs on this thing.

Smudges in pic came right off. Was some sort softdrink.
Less than 8hrs on this thing

$250 shipped within the main 48 states

very interested, but how is the paint holding up? bottom right looks like it might be chipping and black scuffs? can i get dibs if its not sold? need to shuffle some funds for paypal.

How’s the paint holding up? Perfectly. I kinda wish I had another project of sorts, so that I could use this Industrial Rustoleum again. Also, those scuffs in the pic buffed-out without issue. Unlike other projects on this forum, this beast is made of solid fiberglass, and adhesion is not a problem. If you ever get a mark on this, you can just buff it out, like on a car.

There is no damage on this. You won’t be disappointed.

sorry for wasting your time but i just can’t afford this right now :frowning:

I’ll take it. Send me your Paypal info.

Sorry, it’s been sold.