FS: HSS-0130. Deluxe arcade stick. Dual Modded with Ascii Optical

I have for sale an HSS-0130. Includes box and original marquees. Works on PS3 and Xbox 360. Gash on the front but other wise in good condition.
If not sold in a week it is going on ebay.
USA only

Here is an older picture of the case. Note that the above pictures is more representative of what you will get button wise.

droooolllll ^ ^

Dawn.No trades? I just got my single player today by Ibeatu but I would like to have yours too.


Where is the gash? I can’t tell from the photos

Bump, for such an awesome panel. Was the back and home buttons custom added?

it is hard to capture the gash in white plastic. It is very minor though.


I have an extra vinyl art graphic(have to print 3 at a time) that I got from him when he made it, if you want it for $15 plus shipping hit me up. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/152/img20101119215214.jpg/ and heres the one I actually used http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg249/scaled.php?server=249&filename=20100705142659.jpg&res=medium

Thanks but I would use it on a 3rd HSS-0130. What’s I was looking in your pics Where did you get that Astro Sticker for the front and I like the SSFIV move list.

Yo, where are you located

where did you get a panel with those extra 24mm holes? do you know if 2p panels with extra 24mm holes are available?

good bye…I’ll miss you. They better treat you good.

I drilled those holes into a Lizardlick panel, then made custom art from gameongrafix.com