FS Hungry Human (Apparel)


Hi guys.I’ve been around SRK on and off for about a decade and I decided to started a little grassroots line of apparel.The thinking behind my brand is that there is a set of people in this world that have a certain attribute or characteristic about them that helps them to pursues their goals in life (both in and out of the game).This ‘hunger’ that drives us as group motivates us and brings us together as a whole.Hence the name ‘Hungry Human’.

As for my influences, they come from fun stuff,food,nostalgia,sex,and ‘vidya games’(especially fighting games).With that said, I make really fun,super high-quality,well designed stuff that I try to get out there with the hope that you guys just really enjoy the heck out of it and spread the word about the brand not only via your gear,but your representation of the deeper meaning behind the brand…I want you guys to be inspired and pursue whatever it is that drives YOU to be hungry!Haha!

At any rate, I have a few pieces in store that I sell online and sometimes at tournaments if I have time or any extra stock after all the preorders are out the way.I think it’s really great stuff and I hope that you guys check it out when you can as a lot of heart and hard work go into each and every piece!

As for the make of the tees, right now I use American Apparel unisex tees.They’re ultra-soft and with each tee being printed using waterbased inks,you just have this awesome,super soft,vibrant piece of art that you get to wear comfortably any time of the year!

If you guys want to check out a few pieces up for grabs,there are some attachments I’ll put below of both the logo tees and the graphic ones to check out.So,have at it! Thanks for checking out my gear and stay hungry everyone!-h_h-

Oh…I almost forgot.You can purchase any one of my tees by going to http://hungryhuman.bigcartel.com


Handwritten (avail. in Black/Red ,White/Black, Purple/Green)




Very nice feel to these. I love the retro style!

Pin-up girl needs a little more community appeal. More tranny/Kayo imo.


More tranny-ish? Haha…I will take note EC.That’s the first time I’ve heard anything like that! Haha!

Sidenote:How do you ROM with one hand? I’m scrathing my head trying to figure that one out ! -h_h-


Good stuff Larry! I’ve been following your brand for a while and you always impress me with your designs. I remember Koogy was wearing your footsies shirt on stream and i fell in love! Gonna cop that double tap shirt soon ^_^.


That Hypemaker /Saltshaker is genius truly that’s an amazing design.

Fuck it i just placed an order for one.


I was only 40% serious about the whole kayo police/ poison / tranny angle. But the pinup girl is missing a little something, don’t necessarily know what. Not knocking the drawing or the girlie (both have the nerdy/ghost world appeal), just fwiw.

Also, to answer your question-- very, very carefully:


Anyway, I’ll be watching your brand in the future and will scoop something up when I come into a pile of money! Actually if you want to sponsor me I’ll do all my one-handed combo circus exploits while wearing Hungry Human gear :]


Oh you have??? Haha, I run into a lot of HH fans both on and offline that I didn’t know knew anything about it! It’s good to hear you like the gear.I work REALLY hard on it to make it something that you guys all love and can be proud of…so that really makes me smile to hear you enjoy it and want to rep!

As for that Footsies shirt,Koogy was my first order!I’m getting a restock this Monday I believe.I’m super excited for that and all the other stuff to come this week! -h_h-


Thanks for order toddler! I just put it away with the preorders,so that should be shipping out as soon as they come in this week! I worked really hard on that Hypemakers one and I remember not being sure people would like the creme colorway…but really happy with the positive response it’s been getting!-h_h-


Dude,that one handed ROM is really epic! Haha…as for Kayo…40% is a high number.But ,I always like to hear what people think about a design…I will say,that one has this awesome set of people that love it and then the other set goes for maybe 1-3 of the others…so a little something for everybody is how I think of it.Being the guy that has to wear this stuff the most, I like a little variety,so it works out! Haha!-h_h-


Still as sick as always, but I must know…

Y u no has V-necks?!?!?!


V necks aren’t tough to print on as much as they are to secure.On top of that, I didn’t like how any of these current prints would look on a v-neck as they’re HUGE and take up the whole shirt.I imagine when I get more fans that embrace the brand and are willing to buy or support something like that, I will explore little sutff like.But for the time being, I don’t have enough supporters or even people that know about HH at all to warrant anything like that…keep nagging me though Kyle.Summer is in a few months!!! Haha!-h_h-


Oh I intend to. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to just replace all my non-button up shirts with Fighting game shirts.


Haha! Sounds like a plan! I don’t wear anything but my own gear as of late…er, not since this time last year at least. So, I try to come out with interesting stuff that is wearable for a long time considering I’ll be wearing it 799878978978978978789 longer than almost everybody! So, it has to be REALLY GOOD lol. -h_h-


The footsies and hypemaker tee’s are genius. I’d make the image a little smaller though and then move it up so that the whole image ends where the grey line is under saltshakers. Nice stuff!


Hmm…I see where you’re going with that Lefty. That would work really well for maybe an emblem or something smallish to that effect.But, I wanted the Hypemakers to be a big fun shirt with a line drawn somewhere between clean and chaos.So, if you look at the upper right and lower left corners,they pop out a bit, but the fact that they are aligned opposite one another brings a sense of unison to the whole image.

I imagine, if I end up doing some other pieces,they might convey that spacing you refer to a bit more.So,stay on the lookout.

P.S. I forgot to add this, but I added an emblem on the sleeves of the 3 most recent drops just as a thank you to the fans that have embraced and supported HH early.I will put some pictures up over the next few days/before the end of the week.Thanks guys!-h_h-


I forgot to upload this to the fan page, but this is what the special edition sleeve emblem looks like for the 3 newest additions: https://twitter.com/#!/hungryhuman/status/178312905840803841/photo/1/large -h_h-


Yo, if there any guys that feel like rocking their HH in a pic.I’m prolly gonna put some of the doper ones on the HH store for a few weeks.So if anyone posts on here or the HH fan page.I’ll hook up the best ones…-h_h-



New face stickers avail. in the shop! -h_h-



larry its jon from new orleans, bout to put the order in!

glad to see this project came up for you big dog!


Awww man!Thanks for the support Jon, it’s a work in progress, but I’m getting there brudda!I appreciate anyone repping and rocking HH, but it means that much more coming from you brudda!----->>>>>> It hits lowwwwwwwwwwww! Haha! -h_h-