FS: Hyper Neo Geo 64 and Neo Geo CD with games!

A Hyper Neo Geo 64 with Samurai Showdown 64 2 (full kit) for $75 shipped!

A Neo Geo CD system with a bunch of great games:
Magician Lord (with spine)
Metal Slug 2
The Last Blade
Ninja Combat
Top Hunter
Crossed Swords

Includes AC adapter and two Neo Geo pads!

$110 shipped.

I take PayPal.

Thanks for looking!


The Hori stick was purchased today, but there’s still stuff to buy!

When you say Hyper Neo Geo 64 are you just talking about the board itself? Picture please?

It’s the board and the game. I’ll upload some pictures when I get home tonight.

Also, for anyone else interested in the Hori stick, it’s still available.

Payment sent for Hori stick.

I wanted to get some pictures up of the Hyper Neo Geo 64.



damn if i had the money i would buy that hyper neogeo in a flash good luck with the sale

Thanks! The neo geo 64 is a cool, cool system. :slight_smile:

damn good deal on the gamecube