FS: Hyper NeoGeo candy cab (no mobo) or US Naomi MVC2 cab (needs monitor) $525 each

Arcade Cabinets; MVC2, Japanese Neo Candy Cab

1 Cabinet for sale for pickup only. CASH ONLY please. Located in Elk Grove, CA 95757 (South Sacramento). MUST SELL THIS WEEK, so prices lowered.

SOLD-Hyper Neo-Geo 64 Candy Cabinet- Very nice Cabinet from Japan. Will come with connectors to run XBOX1 but no console or motherboards included. Can run either JAMMA or NEOGEO arcades. Beautiful large working arcade monitor and very loud sound. Only has 1player currently setup working, 2nd player side needs new buttons. Specs for cabcan be seen at Candy Cabinet City

$525 obo- Sega Blue USA NAOMI Cabinet with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and both Capcom io and Sega io included- Cabinet DOES NOT have a monitor, but any VGA computer monitor can be used as a replacement with the Sega NAOMI board. Measured diagonally at 26" from inner monitor bezel. This includes the very hard to find Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 cartridge and Capcom IO. Could use new lighting for marquee area, and also use new Coin-Mechs.

Pictures here: Flickr: iMPULSZE’s Photostream

Only serious buyers please. Cash only, and for pickup only. Looking to sell ASAP, so willing to listen to all reasonable offers. Feel free to email with serious offers.

Email: impulsze@gmail.com

First questions potential buyers wanna be asking are:

  1. what is the quality of the monitor in the Neo Cab? (i.e. any burn in or distortion)
  2. what shape are all of the controls in?
  3. cosmetically what shape is it in? (i.e. the neo looks a bit yellowed on the top)
  4. what hardware is currently in the cab? (such as locks/keys, power supply, coin mech, etc).

I just bought a cab recently from someone on SRK and the sale went great. Good luck on your sale.

Edit: just noticed the flickr stream. Still would be good to let ppl know the condition of the monitor.

Another thing you might want to establish is that Neo cab looks different than the one in your pic. In your flickr page, you have a 4 button layout on it but in the pic here on SRK you’ve got a six button layout. Which one is it? And to add to what bitkid said, besides saying what kind of locks and coin mechs you have, more importantly, do they work? And r u able to to adjust the coin mech to take quarters as well or is it just yen?

The neo cab has a 7 button layout. Kept the conventional neo 4 button layout, and added the bottom 3 buttons. Monitor is in great shape, with no burn in and crisp image and speakers are loud and crisp. I have never used the coin mechs before, but was told about 2-3 years ago when i bought it, that it can be adjusted to accept either yen or quarters. I’m not sure what the locks are called, but they are cylinder shaped (cam locks?), and theres a total of 3 keys. A key separate for the bottom big door, and 2 keys for the bottom of the control panel (also used for con mech and coin box doors.

There is yellowing on the cabinet, and the buttons and joys would need to be replaced. No denting or visibly harsh scratches. From what I see, a paint job is probably all that may be needed. There is no motherboard inside, but will come with an xbox1-to-jamma board. Used to have an xbox1 inside for my kids to play cps2/cps3via xbox.

So both joysticks and all 14 buttons need to be replaced? What’s exactly wrong with them? And is there anyway you could test the coin mech to see if it works? Also, the jamma board that’s in there, do u have to have an Xbox to play or can u use any CPS 2 A+B boards?

Pm sent… 1p works, but 2p fed needs new buttons. Joys seem fine for both sides. I had an xbox1 inside connected through jamma. I’m sure if you had a kick harness you could use cps2.

To anyone interested in the Neo Candy cab, you don’t have to paint the yellowed section.

I had a Pony Mark IV Cab that was yellowed and all I had to do was make some retr0bright to get rid of it.
For example, here’s a pic after I used the retr0bright on the control panel.

I don’t know much about the Neo Candy Cab, but if it’s easy to take apart the yellowed section, you should be able to restore the white color back very easily.

Is there any way you could test the coin mech?

I would be ALL OVER the neo cab if it wasn’t local pickup only.

PM sent.