FS- Inpin and Wavebird Controller

Looking for $20 each + shipping.
If you buy both for $40, shipping will be free. Lmk if anyone is interested.


Inpin sold. Wavebird still left.

I’m interested, but only willing to purchase if you provide pictures and condition description.

I’ll put up pictures later today. I’d say it’s NM if not very close to mint condition. Hardly had any use with it.

Thanks! Looking forward to the pics.


Sorry it took so long. Tested the buttons, none of them stick. Feels great.

Does it come with the part you plug into the gamecube? The receiver or whatever it’s called?

Yes it comes with the receiver too

Man, I replied to your most recent post three times on my phone, and it never went through.

Anyway, yeah I’ll take it for sure. PM me all necessary payment info.