FS: JAMMA SNES systems for arcade cabs


These are plug and play, the are powered from the JAMMA edge so you don’t need an AC adaptor. All six action buttons work by plugging into a standard CPS2 kick harness.
Here’s a video overview of my latest JAMMA SNES:

Here is a pic:


-Powered via the JAMMA loom, no power cord
-Still works with a regular TV
-Fully configurable controls via barrier strips
-Plugs directly into CPS2 kick harness for 6 button support
-Audio amplifier built in to do mono sound through JAMMA harness
-Stereo RCA jacks (unamplified) to connect to a stereo

They run $165 plus shipping in the lower 48, if interested just shoot me a PM.


the youtube link says “The URL contained a malformed video ID.”

can you post pics of this? I am interested


This link for the vid should work, sorry about that:


Here is a pic:


That’s pretty cool. I thought you were selling a kit that you hooked up to an SNES yourself. Good luck with sales.


Uh, why would you rather have a kit than a complete system for the same price? :rofl: thanks for your interest though.

I can sell you the sync chip, JAMMA edge and audio amp if you prefer DIY. It would be quite a lot cheaper.


Why? WHY?! Because I’m crazy :bottle:

DIY would definitely be cheaper, but I’m too lazy to do all that soldering and wiring and reading. I would probably just buy it complete and pre made from you if I did.


These are a great deal, If you were able to throw in flash carts with these they would sell like pancake burgers in Narnia even if you were hitting $250


Thanks, I think it’s a very good price, It’s a TON of labor and a good amount of parts, the SNES you see in the pics and video probably took around 8-10 hrs. There are flashcarts online you can buy, that would be a great way to play the SNES library in true RGB.

Since someone PMed me this question, just to make it clear how the controls work, the controllers are BUILT IN to the system, just plug in the JAMMA edge and the CPS2 connector and BOOM, your 6 button arcade cab will work with all the buttons on the SNES. And you can configure whatever SNES button you want to any Jab strong fierce, etc on your cab via the barrier strips on the top of the system.


this thing is sooooo dope.super ghouls and ghost and the best version of un squadron in rgb.totally tempted to get this,but I can see it leading to a quest for all my old favorite titles.goodluck with the sale bump


I can also accept trades.


is this still available?


I make these: