FS: Jamma Supergun with sticks and RGB monitor


I made this awhile back but just finished the last bit of tweaking to make it look more professional. What we have:

RGB (Commodore 1084 pinout) supergun
RCA sound out
CPS2/3/Naomi 6 button support.
Coin buttons on front of gun.
Compact PSU with enough power for almost anything
2 modded Dreamcast Agetecs (with boxes) - Sanwa JLF sticks, OBSF buttons and offical Capcom vynil overlay. Wired for DB15 pinout and PS1/2 as well.

Looking at selling this and getting a cabinet finally. I’m not sure what to set the price at, and I can possibly make more, but not of this quality, this was a very long and rather tedious project.





I know I have to post a price, but I’m not sure what’s it’s really worth so here is a breakdown by components

2 modded DC agetecs with dual supergun/ps1/2 support: Easily $120-125 each since they have art as well. Shipping on these bad boys would probably be around $15-20

Supergun (I can add s-video/compsoite/component support for an extra $100): Around $225, shipping would be under $10.

Monitor: ~45-50 plus 25-30 for shipping costs.

Conservative estimate: 240+225+45 = + shipping (varies)=~ $500 plus variable shipping. Keep in mind this is a one of a kind rig and you’de be hard pressed to build it for anything under $375-400 with the monitor.

Keep in mind, if you think the price is high, that you are getting a super compact supergun (like a 1/10 the size of a MAS) that is already setup for 99% of what you need to play. Other custom superguns range from 275-450 for the supergun alone.

I also have 20 inch RGB i could include over the Commodore, but shipping would be like 75+ as it is heavy. Someone could have that for $50 bucks.

So, in total I’m looking to get around


you got cpsII A board to throw along also?

If someone really wanted one, I could include it.

bump, added fuses to voltage lines as a perk.

ANY way to get this to work on a TV perhaps?

Supergun (I can add s-video/compsoite/component support for an extra $100): Around $225, shipping would be under $10.

^ From first post.

that commodore monitor brings back hella memories