FS: Jap CPS3 Kit (Version A with artwork)

So sad to let this go (need the cash)…

I got here RARE Jap CPS3 kit with all Official marque & artwork

In this sale get:

*CPS3 motherboard (official dimms)
*Jap Cart
*Jap 3s CD-ROM (A Version with all unblockables)
*CD-ROM Drive
*Marque & Artwork
*Installation maneul

(The cart is about 4 years old so it is due for a change very soon)

For UK

The Price = 310 (When paying by cheque This includes Special delivery to UK)

If using paypal be 330 (includes SD + fee’s (nasty charges)

For USA buyers

The Price = $615 (This is paypal fee’s & Shipping to the USA)

Here’s some feedback from fellow SRK heads:



But I dont…sorry, I wish I could get this.

thats not including shipping or paypal fee’s, plus has no offcial artwork and remember most time wont ship outside japan without the aide of service.

plus its confirmed A version

plus mine is from japan.

I’ll give you 500 shipped

You just don’t quit don’t you?:rolleyes:

In any case, if I werent broke, I’d come pick that shit up myself.:sad:

Well Number 1 that says no international shipping (go figure) so shipping be $30-40 (if gona EMS it), then need aide of japan service probs another $20-30 because got pay their fee’s and ship to them who ship it to you.

Then theirs paypal fee’s oooo forgot about that 6% on the actual cost.

Burning a CD for your cps3 kit aint the same with out official A version third strike cd-rom (if your proper 3s fan).

Plus im trusted seller on this site who dont rip people off!

Do remember im from UK so shipping to USA is going to be little higher

nice kit man. If you are interested in parting out that artwork I will give you a good dollar for it or we could work out a trade? send me a PM if you are. Thanks man.

OT: Dude, that couch is white leather? I didnt know you could buy that anymore. :smiley:

Gl with that kickass sale.

burning vigor:
DH020 is a good seller. Don’t be a fag and come here, when you have nothing to say. the LAST person that anybody here will listen to is some random 07 fag.

The new one? Buddy, you haven’t been here long enough to make that accusation. I’ve always been one of the most insulting people that inhabit these boards. I don’t cater very well to a lot of the people here, except, well… those that I cater to and have fun being on the same board as. Crapping in somebody’s thread isn’t exactly nice. You don’t like the price, shop elsewhere. DH020 is one of the guys that I’ve had successful trades with, and good prices with, therefore, I’m in his defense. You, on the other hand, are a useless defecation of pointlessness. The offspring, dare I say of lackluster humanity. Have a nice day.

If the price is too high, he’ll lower it.

All B version’s with no artwork from coinexpress (dont know how old carts are) plus ask you to add paypal fee to the final payment.

Jap Kit with official artwork is rare, the USA kit is easy to get theirs a guy on this forum selling like 20+ USA kits.

(The FFA play with JAP A ver kit)

doode if your not looking to buy it get out of here… you probably dont have any money any ways… so dont bash peoples threads… cuz he knows what its worth and he can post it for any price and people can make reasonable offers and see if he bites.

** if i was the moderator this would have been your one warning.**

Its not really about what coinopexpress has man, Iver been to coinopexpress and alot of there stuff is trashy, bootlegs and not even in stock (they hunt the item down after you purchase), plus they are in HK. This is really about what this guy has, a nice clean kit with full artwork. Dont quote other peoples prices as if it gives some validity to your argument, if you dont like his price then buy one from coinopexpress and let this man sell his stuff. Peace.

i don’t even see burning vigor’s OG post but please don’t crap on other peoples threads. thats for GD, not the trading outlet. its also in the rules stickied at the top of the page.

No one interested?

im still interested in that artwork should you decide to sell it seprately.

It’s really too much right now. When it’s 500 i’ll talk.

Sorry i’d rather keep the bundle together (I got scans from killer-cabs on my computer if you want them?)

Im just trying to make back what i paid for them, not to be rude but it will never get 500 with shipping.

Probs end up keeping it