FS: Japanese style Supergun

Built this across the course of 3 months. I work too much to build any more of these and since I have a candy coming, not sure I’ll keep it. Open to serious offers only. Keep in mind, this isn’t a Supernova and it cost me over $300 in parts before labor. This is the ultimate supergun.

I used a :
Sega saturn virtua stick pro (2p ver)
Capcom custom stickers and original arcade overlay.
I used a Jrok video encoder with component, s-video, composite, rgb out.
Sound on Jamma is mono, but the cable splits it for both left and right sound input.

It has a compact PSU that is external. The cord for the controller is about 4-5 feet long.

It will not

Price: $450 firm, I’m not planning on making another one of these . Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.











can you please indicate in your post what the sale price is

Is the game included?

No, it is not included.

There’s no way this will still be available by the time I can pay for it, but I’ll be willing to pay in full + shipping/whatever if you still have this on feb 15th.

That is one sleek setup. Definitely worth it.

whats this?

That’s really bloody tempting.

Oh, I forgot to complete my sentence. :wonder:

I never finish anyt…

I meant to say, it will not power hungry boards, such as some weird old Irem games, cps 1.5 q-sound boards (there are only like 3 of these, all beat em ups) 6 slot mvs, and anything that needs -5v on the sound amp. This is pretty typical of superguns in general, just so you guys know. I would say its 95% compatible with what you through at it. There is a sync cleaner added to the video encoder to make sure it works with weird tvs like Sony Wegas etc, which normally, would just display a rolling picture.

dam thc thats hella nice.


What’s the difference between the JROK and the NeoBitz video encoder? I might be interested if this supergun is compatible Sega Naomi 1 and 2 boards.

Thanks man. MOD-esto, you could say :).

The Jrok has better compatibility than the neobitz with most games, the neobitz is primarily used with neo-geo MVS consolized boards. You would need a Capcom/Sega I/O to bring the Naomi VGA output down from 31 khz to 15 khz for the board to work the Jrok, most of this being common knowledge.

The only issue with a Naomi will be powering it, you can power it externally with the JVS 3.3v PSU.

Bump, and please check your pms message sent.

Back up for sale, bump.

Ultimate supergun for shizzle

PM sent

oooh dreamTR… are u getting this for the reason i think you are?! :slight_smile:

i hope :slight_smile:

No, because then the thing flies all over the place for guys like me that need to use American sticks. Like I said, no one will ever be happy with the setups.

Serious offers please. If you can’t figure out what that means as far as ballpark prices, I’m looking for $450 and up only. This isn’t a supernova, which would cost you around $300 anyway, this has component video output, which considerably added to the cost. Plus, I’m barely getting anything for the labor. The capcom stickers alone were $10 a pop.