FS: Japanese white ps2 and games/ Xbox 360 and games etc


Alrighty its been a while since i sold stuff here on srk but lets get down to business.

Japanese slim ps2, white. Comes in original box with white controller, composite cables , memory card and instruction manual.
Price: $100.00 + 15 shipping

Darkstalker collection (capkore): 15 + 3 shipping
Street Fighter 3: Third strike (capkore): 15 + 3 shipping
Neo Geo Battle Collisuem (SNK Best collection): 15 + 3
Arcana Heart: 15 + 3
Hokuto No ken/Fist of the North Star: 30 + 3
Sengoku Basara X: 40 + 3
Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate accel 2: 40 + 4

Xbox 360 with 20 gb hard drive. Comes with wireless controller and composite cables.
The flap that covers the usb connections is broken and doesn’t want to stay in position.
Xbox 360 comes with Virtua fighter 5, Fight Night Round 3, marvel ultimate alliance and the orange box( not in original case).
Includes downloaded games Castlevania: Sotn, Commando 3, Ikaruga and Mr. driller
Price: 200 + 20 shipping

Other games:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: 30 + 3
Street Fighter 3 Third strike: 20 + 3

Nintendo ds:
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trails and Tribulations: 15 + 3

Playstation 3:
Demon’s Souls: 35 + 3
BlazeBlue (limited edition): 40 + 3
Street Fighter IV (collectors edition): 50 +3

I use pay pal and will also use accept money orders. All shipping costs are for in the united states. contact me if you want something and your outside the US. Please contact me BEFORE sending money. ( this has happened in the past two people paid for the same item >.>)

Payments can be made to: mouselotus@gmail.com


Ill take demon’s souls


for the xbox360 dont you need to sell the xbox live acc too to use the downloaded games? or can the buyer use the xbox downloaded games with their own account?


I have no idea but whoever buys the xbox would also be getting my account and would have gold until july/august.


Account is required or the games will show up as trials. If you want achievements you can sign in your profile while his is signed in as well, and as long as you are the one playing you will be able to get achievements.

That’s how it has worked for my friend with my Castle Crashers, Trials HD, Alien Hominid, etc. So I’m experienced with the matter :stuck_out_tongue:


if he downloaded the games on that xbox u can play it on any profile when u recover a gamertag to a new xbox all ur stuff only works on that name unless u do the license transfer online thats how it always worked for me


Edit: nvm. Disregard my pm.