FS: Jaxel's Custom Arcade Sticks for ALL Consoles!

For sale:
$60: Fully Assembled UPCB… comes with an unflashed PIC18 and PSX Cable… I was originally going to use UPCBs for my stick building service, but I found them to be too much of a hassle and they take too long to assemble.

Previous Sticks Sold:[list]
[]Stick Queue is on my website: http://www.crookedjester.com/sticks/index.html
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]Stick Queue is on my website: http://www.crookedjester.com/sticks/index.html
After getting so much into Virtua Fighter 5, much of Team Crooked Jester and friends has lamented on the lack of quality sticks available for the game. Most stick designs are setup for Soul Calibur, Tekken or Street Fighter; so we decided to start making our own sticks. In addition to making our own sticks, we decided we would start selling sticks as well in effort to expand the name of Crooked Jester and cover much of the costs endured by our team. So this thread includes information for ordering your own stick and figuring out how much it is going to cost.

Stick information and pricing guide consolidated into a single form available here:
If you are interested in buying a stick from us, this is where you should go!

wow a new stick builder every month (kinda)

well good luck :tup:


Can you make x360 sticks?

Beutiful Work, Pm’d.

how much for a blank 1.5" thick case with a 6 button layout?

That Yoko stick is godly.

Could I do 360 sticks? Possibly… but I would need to know if its possible to hack up a 360 pad… ps2 pads are not hackable, and I dont know about the 360… If I could do it with a cheap 360 third party pad, then yes, I can do it. Otherwise, it would only be done with the UPCB piggyback…

Oh yes, I also offer clear seimitsu buttons… I get all my parts from Chad at LizardLick.

Outta curiosity, why is it a 20 dollar upgrade from pegboard to plexi/lexan?

Its very possible…might wana read check out the tech talk to learn how.

Well then yes… I can do 360 sticks then… however, are there any cheap third party 360 controllers available? I dont have a 360, so I dont know.

Most of the prices I came up with are pretty arbitrary; based on both the price and the amount of extra work required to do it. For isntance, the D-SUB connectors are pretty cheap, a simple $8 in parts… but its a lot more work.

Changing from Pegboard to Lexan underside is more expensive because there is additional attention to detail required to make the stick visible on the inside. Normally, I wouldn’t fine tune sand the inside of a stick because people dont see it and it would rarely be touched. Nor would I dremel down areas or fill up internal pot marks with wood filler. But with the addition to a clear underside, that means a lot of extra manual labor to make sure your stick looks extra special and nice to anyone who looks at it, from the outside and from the bottom. Thats why its an extra $20, even though the lexan would only be about $7.

Mad Cats best cheap 360 controller, though I only use official M$ pads.
I would fine tune the insides of the stick regardless, thats seen or not, though that depends on your price point/ time, etc.

Lexan should cost $3 bucks in Home Depot,

However to be fair, +$20 isn’t much considering the time/expenses, and materials, and gas required,

Hope this helps.

Thought lexan was expensive…guess i may start buying that instead if plexi

that’s cool. Sorry if that sounded like i was criticizing you, just thought you should probably mention that part, since it sounded to me like it was justl ike, 20 dollars for a 4 dollar sheet of lexan.

Yeah… its $3 for a 8x10 piece of Lexan here as well… but the problem if I do an 8x14 stick, I cant exactly use an 8x10 piece of lexan…

As well… I make my sticks 8x11, not 8x10. That extra inch gives a lot of breathing room to your wrists. Often I find that these 8x10 sticks are uncomfortable because your hands are falling off the sides. I make these sticks both for comfort and quality… not for cheapness. I figure it someone is going to buy a custom stick, they dont want to gimp out and get something that could be pretty uncomfortable.

9x12 lexan for 3.19 though, 9x18 is 4.19. They’re called estreetplastics. They ship pretty fast, but i’ve only used them once.

i was just about to say that. good luck with your business! :tup:

i assume your not selling blank sticks? since it seemed like you ignored my post.

@urth… I didnt see your post… sorry… Yes, I will do blank sticks… but what do you mean by blank? Do you mean unpainted? Or simply no image? When it comes down to it, I would LOVE to do blank sticks. Painting for me is actually the hardest part; I’m good with everything else, but primering and painting just takes so god damn long and I’m a very impatient person.

@Multi, estreetplastics are the first people we actually went to. After shipping and all the hullabaloo, they are actually more expensive than Lowes or Home Depot, that 9x12 piece ends up costing about $6-10 each (depending how much bulk I buy). As well, the lexan they offer is not actually 1/8 inch, its actually a lot thicker. With a 2.5 stick, thats no problem, but with a 1.5 stick, the height of the plastic becomes an issue. As well, because of the sheer thickness of the sheet, it becomes very hard to dremel/sand.

I believe blank stick means no parts, just the case.
I could be wrong though.

Those sticks look awesome, good luck here!!!