FS : JLF w/Annodized Titanium hollow shaft, Astro Mixamp

Didn’t want to let the Titanium shafts go but, Evo trip money comes first. So, here we go…

Brand new JLF w/Blue Annodized Titanium hollow shaft and bubble top(From ParadiseArcadeShop) - $50 shipped to US


Hollow Titanium Blue Annodized JLF shaft and Dark Blue bubbletop(From ParadiseArcadeShop) - $30 shipped to US


Wired Astro Mixamp(Bought Dec2010) - $100 shipped.

Pm me if interested. =)

Willing to sell rainbow shaft/blue top seperately?

I am willing to sell the rainbow shaft/blue top separate from the JLF. It would cost the same shipped as the blue annodized shipped.

Cool. Can you take a bigger pic of both? I def want one of them.

I’ll post some better and bigger pics when I get home from work tonight. =)



There ya go butteroj… Let me know if you have any more questions. =)

That’s slick! How close does that blue bubble top match the translucent blue Chun-Li TE-S case?!?

Willing to cut a deal for both without the jlf base?

I can knock off 5 bucks if you buy both I guess. $55 shipped. LMK =)

How would you like payment?

damn, I keep missing these.

Cl581, more can be made…

sounds good. Can they be polished?


Shafts or Shaft/JLF combo still for sale, Added Astro Mixamp.

Rainbow shaft/balltop has been sold. Dark blue shaft/balltop with(price drop) or without JLF base still for sale. Mixamp still for sale.

Made an offer for the blue shaft via conversation if it’s still for sale. Otherwise good luck.