FS: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle PS3, Real Bout 2 MVS, PS2-Jamma converter


U.S. Buyers only! PayPal accepted.

Used Japanese version - $36 shipped


Fully functional Neo Geo MVS 2-slot with Unibios 3.0. Memory card slot, controller ports, dip switches, and headphone jack all work.

  • sold

Fully functional CPS-2 USA A-Board. - Sold

Playstation to JAMMA controller converters (two). The converters allow you to reconfigure up to 6 buttons, by holding start + triangle + circle + square + X. Ideal converter for Superguns users.
$50 shipped each

NeoSaveMasta 32k battery free Neo Geo memory card. - Sold

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 MVS JPN loose cart - $60 shipped
Samurai Shodown V Special BOOTLEG MVS loose cart - Sold
King of Fighters '98-2000 MVS US bundle loose cart - Sold
Six MVS Shock Box Bundle - Sold

Two Neo Geo Extension Cables - $30 shipped each


Does it need an online pass?


No online pass needed.


Hrm, I have a friend who might be interested. Waiting for him to respond.


Still available.


Price lowered.




I thought the same thing too. But those are imported from jp. If you want it locally his price isn’t bad.


Added a couple more items.


Pm’ed about the kof carts


Kof mvs bundle gone. Added mvs shock boxes and NeoGeo extension cables.


is the cps2 board still available?


Yes, it’s still available.




That looks like a super clean board for a good price. If I wasn’t working on my neo cab I would’ve jumped on it so quick.


CPS2 and MVS 2-slot sold.


Shock boxes sold. Jojo’s and other items still available.


I know this is old, but i forgot to post that i received my 3 mvs games and all were in working order. Great prices and legit guy.
thanks man, sorry, thought i had posted on here